Kyendula Primary School (Clean Water)

People Served: 520 pupils and 10 teachers (20 households from the community equalling 100 additional beneficiaries, 630 people served )

The Problem

A dam shared with animals and borehole is their current source of water. The borehole is in a range of 4km and the dam 2 km; students move long distances. The students take alot of time while fetching water are they are missing class lessons. High drop out rates of students occur from school especially the girls due to lack of sanitary materials. Biliharzia (stomach worms) and drowning are common- children are sick all the time.

The Solution

A deep borehole (well)

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As we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19, take a moment to consider how you and your family would be impacted if you didn’t have access to safe water. With your help, 3,000 children will have a clean water system at school where there has been no water at all. We need your support.

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