Katebee Primary School (Clean Water)

Project Location: Rwandama Village, Nabiswera Subcounty, Nakasongola District, Uganda

People Served: 377

Project Funding Needed: $7,500

The Problem

As you can see in this picture with Gracious and Robina, there is no clean water for Katebee. Not only will a new water source help the school, but it will help the community. DLDT found Gracious and Robina -in the photo with green water- in January 2017 and stood in shock of what was happening. Kids miss a lot of school due to sickness and not having a nearby water source (see pictured e coli test). DLDT quickly got to work with these eager parents and teachers to help their children be healthier and go to school.

The Solution

DLDT surveyed and will build a deep borehole and hand-washing stations

To sponsor this project directly please contact Erin Huber.