Irimba Multi-Village Piped Water Project

Project Location: Nakasongola, Uganda

People Served: 9,055

Project Funding Needed: $70,000

The Problem

This project will serve 10 village tap-stands affecting 9,055 people including two additional schools other than Irimba Primary School where the water source is located and has already been constructed by DLDT and working for a few years now. In 2018, DLDT opened a eep borehole project at Irimba Primary School and stuck water-gold. This area is a dry cattle cooridor and finding this source drew attention from many villages. People started lining up for 14-20 hours at a time to collect and haul 20 liters of water (one container).

The Solution

To remove this hardship of waiting and walking- for miles- DLDT needs to expand the high-yielding water sources’ water to serve other villages without hand pumping. Tap stands will be constructed and maintained by local WaSh committees which have already been formed.

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