Working with local people, we find sustainable water solutions to keep kids in school and keep families healthy, forever.

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Our sustainable water projects are important because water is a human right. Building new water sources is easy, but making them last takes investment in humans and relationships. At DLDT, we focus on human connection and sustainability when building deep boreholes (wells) at schools, rehabilitating water sources and working with families in slums and refugee camps. Over half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with people sick from dirty water. Together, we can change that.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Catalog of Services


Proposed Projects

Projects listed have gone through our interview process, site visits and have been selected based on need,
commitment to developing a water committee and savings account, and other site specific factors. We specialize in deep boreholes and gravity-fed tap systems mainly at schools, of which water sources serve the community as well.

Additional phases to projects include:
drainable latrine construction, latrine rehabilitation, spring protection, spring rehabilitation, borehole rehabilitation, and large capacity rainwater harvest systems. Please consider supporting our work so children, families and teachers can live healthier, more dignified lives.

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Completed Projects

The lives we change at Drink Local. Drink Tap. need you now more than ever.

As we continue to fight the spread of COVID-19, take a moment to consider how you and your family would be impacted if you didn’t have access to safe water. With your help, 3,000 children will have a clean water system at school where there has been no water at all. We need your support.

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