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Learning means changing.

Learning means changing.

Drink Local. Drink Tap., Inc.™ inspires increased water stewardship through annual World Water Day celebrations, Wavemaker Programming in schools, special events and multimedia/documentary production.

Educational Programs

Wavemaker Program

The Drink Local Drink Tap Wavemaker Program was born in 2010 to inspire and empower local youth to become stewards of our water and to help other students gain access to safe water. The program consists of a speaker coming to your school to discuss local and global water issues and how you can ‘make waves’ in the world throughout the year. Read our letters to middle school and high school educators.


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World Water Day

For Drink Local Drink Tap, the United Nation’s International World Water Day (WWD) consists of youth focused events taking place around March 22nd. We celebrate local student action that has positively impacted local water resources and student action that has helped people globally gain access to safe drinking water.

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Bottled or Tap? You decide.

Do you know what it takes to make and consume one bottle of water? Educate yourself and become a conscience consumer. Watch our 20 minute video 'Waking up to Water'.

Old Ideas to Lead Sustainable Development

Watch our TEDx talk at Solon High School where Erin talks about how using even the most simple technology can be beneficial to bettering the African environment.